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billion - here Billion in the European sense of the word, ie million million = 10 to 12 degrees.

Parsec - a unit of measurement of astronomical distance equal to 3,26 light year, or about 32-10 degrees in 12 miles.

anameson - a substance with the destroyed meson of the nuclei of atoms, having close to light velocity (imaginary).

Sporamin - medicine, Circuit sleep (imaginary).

Bomb Beacons - automatic station robot for the filing of powerful signals to penetrate the planetary atmosphere. Discharged from starships (imaginary).

spectral class (stars) - Special classes of stars are indicated alpha in this order;, B, A, F, G, K, M - from very hot blue stars with a surface temperature of 100 to 000 with the red temperature in 3000 Each class has ten degrees downward, numeral, such as A7, A new class of stars, N, P, R, S -- with a high content of carbon, cyanogen, titanium, zirconium in their spectra.

Planetary fuel - the fuel used in engines spaceship and landing and take-off engines spaceship (imaginary). Corinthians 9 - unit of total body irradiation (imaginary).

Biodozy - doses that are harmful to living organism.

non-trigger motors - motors, in which a jet stream carried trigger (ie, cascade) reaction of ionized substance (imaginary).

The gravitational field - the gravitational field around a large mass of matter.

Subsvetovaya speed - the speed approaching the speed of light, that is 300 thousand km / sec.

dependent clocks - clock showing the time the spaceship, that is time, depending on the speed of the ship (imaginary). In theory relativity at large (subsvetovyh) speeds time moving object is reduced compared to the time of the observer motionless on the spaceship.

The quantum limit - the speed limit, close to the speed of light, with which can not exist, no surround the body, as the mass becomes equal to infinity, and time - zero.

Foreign vortex zone - the zone of contact of the gravitational fields of two stellar systems in which there are disturbances and turbulence.

K-particles - particles of the nucleus of an atom from the wreckage of the ring meson clouds (imaginary).

Wave, or photon beam - a beam of light, having both wave properties and the properties of the flow of particles (photons). In technology the future of these two properties of the beam are separated and how to concentrate (imaginary).

Electronic inverter - increase image thousands of times by their conversion into electronic with subsequent amplification.

Escape velocity - speed, which makes it possible to overcome attraction of a celestial body and break away from him in space space.

Izogravy - lines outlining the gravitational field of equal voltage (imaginary).

The atomic (solid) oxygen - oxygen, do not exist in molecular state (O2), as well as individual atoms. This type state of matter gives a much more intense chemical reactions and possible to achieve greater compression than the molecular state.

Optimum radiant - that the radius of the circulation around a starship world outside the atmosphere, which is most favorable for stability of the spacecraft orbit. Depends on the size and mass of the planet (imaginary). Temperature of 24 K - the temperature in absolute scale in degrees Kelvin, where 0 = - 273.

Physical plant - a robot that determines the physical conditions at planet's surface (imaginary).

semi-spherical, or hemispherical, the screen - the screen in the form of internal surface of the hemisphere required to obtain stereoscopic images (imaginary).

silicolloid - transparent material of fibrous silicon compounds (imaginary).